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Achieve your apparel project.

LAST Production is a company specialized in textile development, consulting and textile production.

Apparel brand creation, personalized apparel production for professional or personal purpose. The LAST Production team bring you solution and a personal following of your apparel project.

Do you have a project ?

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Our factory is located in the Minho region, north of Portugal. This region is well known by its knowledge, recognized by world’s most famous apparel brand, we are located in the hearth of The Portuguese textile industry.

The LAST Production’s team is specialized in as well as developing samples and prototype as apparel production in small and average series. We follow our customers on their professional / private textile project.

Made in Portugal is a guarantee of quality for the european market. That is the reason why we chose to integrate our factory there. Our office are located in Cuarny in Switzerland  and Lyon in France. Our commercial team is available for further information, for more information, please contact us here.

Specialized in custom made apparel design.

Our design office helps apparel brands in developing their range of product in the best way.


Specialized in customized textile apparel design; our designers and modelers are focused on modelling & developing prototypes to best fit with the customer’s needs.

Our company has its own internal production process and its network of partners. Our design office helps apparel brands developing their products in the best way. Our aim is to become the leaders on consulting, development & small and average textile production, for high end apparel companies or fashion designer. Sampling, cut, sewing, confection, washing, quality control and packing are made in our factory. Specialized printing, embroideries and raw material are selected with our best partners and providers.

Sampling development & small / average production are our main activity.

Our warehouse, directly linked with our design office is dedicated to respond to your needs to create your apparel collections.


Specialized in developing ready to wear apparel for men, woman, and children. We can offer you a large range of garments: T-shirts, Polo, Crewneck, Hoodies, Polo, shirt, jacket, puffer jacket, Short, pants…

Since 2011 we oversee projects from the begining, therefore, our designer team is able to manage and create your identity, logos, graphic charter.

Last production has established strong relationship with customers, in order to ensure good communication, along the project, from sampling to delivery.

We make your apparel from the beginning to the end. From technical specification to packing before delivery.

From technical to high end apparel, our experience makes us realize most of your collection.


Questions fréquentes

Which print shall I choose ? How many colors ?

We are able to provide you all kind of prints. Production quantity is a key element on cost of print. The number of color can affect the cost on product.

How to be sure by choosing raw material ?

The Last Production team is in charge of studies & figuring out the best solution for your project. During development phase, we can suggest some improvement & materials which can best fit in your specification. Then you take your decision an respect it.

Shall I follow the evolution of my development & production ?

You are defining your schedule with milestone with the LAST Production’s team in order to stay informed along the project.

What are the different steps to create your own apparel collection ?

  1. Conection phase about the project / providing informations, patterns / sending samples /
  2. Designing of the prototype
  3. Prototype approval with our commercial (1 minor modification allowed without plus value)
  4. Production
  5. Quality control / shipment

I have just my pattern / designs on paper, are you able to design it ?

The LAST Production’s graphic designers will take over the work and will be able to give you several suggestions linked to your inspirations.

Why calling LAST Production ?

The LAST Production company will be your textile expert.

We provide you our technical mastery in design and production, taking over production management (Following, quality controls, scheduling)